10 Best Coffee for French Press (2021 Reviewed)

Buying coffee is not an easy job because they want a perfect blend and roast and grind for their morning cup. For people with a French press, question marks tend to get multiplied for the need to find the right coffee grounds for the French press to get the best brew. 

Coffee for French Press

French press coffee

A French press is said to be a very old school way of making coffee. No doubt, there are many electric and automatic coffee machines that you can find online and offline. But when it comes to authentic and deep-flavored coffee, a French press is still unbeaten. Many tend to think that the French press is more work, so they favor automatic coffee machines. But for the coffee enthusiasts out there, it is a known fact that the French press brings out more flavor from the coffee beans. 

The mechanism of the French press is quite easy. The semi-ground beans are put in the carafe, and then hot boiling water is poured on it. The boiling water will then sit on the beans and release the coffee’s flavor, intensity, and aroma. After this, the coffee is then strained using the French press pressure strainer. Though it does require a small amount of work, in the end, the result is much more authentic and delicious. 

Some of the reasons why the French press is said to offer better coffee tastes are:

  • Steeping: One of the main reasons why coffee tends to taste better using a French press is because it can steep in it. Pouring hot water on the grounds and then letting it sit for some time allows the flavor to release into the water completely. This gives a more rich and deep-flavored coffee every time.
  • Oils: Another reason why the French press is highly effective is that it does not use filter paper. Unlike an automatic coffee machine, French press grounds do not sit on the filter paper. It steeps in the water directly, so the oils and fats that contain most of the flavor and aroma get into the coffee without getting filtered. 
  • No impurities: It is quite common in automatic coffee machines that the impurities from the coffee grounds and the machine itself tend to get into the final product, but the French press is cleaned daily, and also, there is no way that the coffee will have any type of impurities.
  • Saturation of grounds: In drip coffee machines, the saturation of the grounds is not used. This means the coffee is not that deeply flavored as it should be. But this is not the case with the French press because here, the grounds are saturated, and the coffee flavor is extracted from all the grounds in the press. This gives a richer flavor to the coffee. 

Making coffee in a French press

Making coffee in a French press is way too simple, and that is why the French press is said to be the most popular coffee maker around the world. People love to make coffee using the French press because it takes less time, fewer components, and less time to clean. 

The process is pretty simple:

  1. Pour coffee grounds, which can be either freshly ground or packed.
  2. Boil the water.
  3. Pour a small amount of water on the grounds to let them get damp.
  4. Wait for 30 seconds. 
  5. Pour the rest of the water on the grounds.
  6. Stir the grounds for 60 seconds.
  7. Close the press and let it steep for 4 minutes.
  8. After this, press the plunger and strain the coffee directly into any carafe or cup.

Now that it is quite clear that the French press is a great way to bring out flavor from the coffee. Let’s delve deeper and find out which coffee is the best for the French press. 

KoffeeKult dark roast coffee beans 

Are you looking for the right coffee beans for the French press? The KoffeeKult dark roast is the one to invest in. The brand requires no introduction since everyone knows that KoffeeKult is known for its gourmet quality coffee beans roasted in small batches. People will likely like that these beans tend to have a note of cinnamon to them, which offers a sweet aroma. 

These coffee beans are collected from Guatemala, Sumatra, and Columbia and are 100 percent Arabica type. The beans are roasted until the second crack, giving a dark type roast, and then they are cooled to give a deeper flavor. The coffee from these beans is heavy-bodied and rich with a smooth aftertaste. The beans are roasted in smaller batches and are packed directly and shipped to keep the beans’ freshness. 


– No bitterness in the coffee

– Packed right after roasting, keeping the beans fresh

– Good for an old brew as well 


– Not too dark in flavor

– Beans are a bit too dry

Bottom line

Without any doubt, Kult coffee is one of the best brands out there, and their dark roast beans are both subtle and deep at the same time. You can get a gourmet level cup of coffee at home.

Lifeboost medium roast coffee 

Coffee should be great in flavor and healthy as well. This is what Lifeboost keeps in their mind while growing their coffee. The coffee is grown in the Nicaraguan mountains and is free from pesticides and chemicals. 

The medium roast has little acidity. Being less on acidity means people with stomach issues can also enjoy it. The coffee flavor is deep and has hints of strawberry and chocolate, making it that much more enticing. 


– Beans are organic-certified

– A single type of bean and not blended

– Beans are handpicked


– Acidity is quite low

– Price is expensive

Bottom line

For those who like to use only organic food products, this coffee stands out. These are safe, and pesticide-free handpicked coffee beans, roasted just enough to give a smooth and nutty flavor and aroma. 

Kenya AA Nyeri Ichamara medium roast coffee beans

For those who are into Kenyan coffee beans, this is a perfect choice. This fresh and medium-roasted coffee bean is the right choice for Arabic lovers. This is 100 percent Arabica beans, which gives a smooth yet a hint of dark flavor to the coffee. This coffee is from one of the best fresh roasted coffee brands, trusted for its authentic deep flavor coffee beans. 

The coffee has full body texture and also has undertone flavors. The flavors that you can taste are black, peach blossom, and orange zest. These beans are fully washed and dried on atypical raised beds. The best thing about these Kenyan beans is that they have a great combination of sweet and bitter due to their medium-dark roast. The roasting is done in Loring roasters, which reduces the carbon footprint. 


– Rich depth of flavor

– 100 percent Arabica

– Sourced from only one region of Kenya


– Slightly dark in taste

– Packaging can cause staleness

Bottom line

This is the perfect coffee for those who like Kenya coffee beans and Kenya AA roast. Though the roast may feel dark to some, it provides a perfect balance to the coffee with various undertone flavors. 

Community coffee premium coffee grounds

These coffee grounds are coarse and are perfect for the French press. The beans are 100 percent Arabica without any other blending. The coffee beans are from a single region, making it more authentic in its final flavorful coffee cup. 

Community coffee makes sure that the coffee is roasted in the most uniform way to give a uniform flavor. The coffee beans are roasted dark, but there is no bitterness in them, thus giving a smoother coffee. There is a caramel-like flavor to the coffee, which makes it richer and gourmet-like. 


– Dark roast grounds with minimum acidity

– Single coffee bean type

– 100% Arabica coffee beans


– Brews a bit lighter than it should

– Packaging is not user-friendly and causes the grounds to go stale quickly 

Bottom line

Community coffee beans and grounds are quality tested and checked by experts. Without any doubt, the coffee flavor that you get is authentic and from the best of the Arabica beans, which are handpicked and hand washed. 

Real Good extra dark roast coffee beans  

Real Good is a name that needs no introduction when it comes to coffee beans and roasting. They are experts in collecting and roasting the best coffee, which is the best culmination of gourmet coffee beans at affordable pricing. The coffee beans are collected from South and Central America and are 100 percent Arabica.

The roast is bold, which gives a deeper taste and has a nutty and chocolaty flavor. The coffee beans also give a raspberry flavor, which offers a gourmet-like taste to the coffee. The coffee beans are free from preservatives and any other artificial ingredients. 


– Organic coffee beans

– Affordable coffee beans

– Perfect for French press.


– Final brew is not that dark and deep

– Coffee beans are whole, so they need to be ground separately

Bottom line

French press coffee beans should be high-quality, and Real Good provides exactly that. The coffee beans are organic and 100 percent Arabica, which makes the perfect gourmet cup of coffee.

Mystic Monk paradise blend coffee blend

As the name suggests, these coffee beans are roasted by the monks from Wyoming. This is a strong blend of coffee for which the beans are collected from various parts of Southeast Asia, Ethiopia, and Guatemala. The coffee is high-end quality, which gives a strong coffee flavor with various undernotes.

The coffee roast is medium, but the coffee flavor is much smoother and fine, compared to other medium coffee beans. The blend gives a rich flavor to the coffee without being overbearing. 


– Balanced coffee flavor with richness and acidity

– Affordable pricing 

– Great packaging


– Not dark brew

– Collected from various places 

Bottom line

These blended medium roast coffee beans make a great cup of coffee in a French press. The blend is balanced and has a smoother and rich flavor that is great for both hot and cold brews. 

Bulletproof French kick ground coffee

Bulletproof is one of the cleanest coffee companies that take care of the environment while growing coffee beans. The coffee beans are collected from the rainforest ethically without harming nature. Also, the growing process is chemical and pesticide-free, thus using handpicked and organic coffee beans. 

The coffee beans are roasted under continuous check, and the beans are tested to remove toxins. Each package undergoes quality tests before it is shipped. The beans are dark roasted but give a medium body flavored range. There are undernotes of chocolate and nuts. Since they are the cleanest coffee beans, they are totally French press-friendly and prepare a gourmet-style coffee brew in minutes. 


– Ethically and organically sourced

– Affordable coffee beans

– No toxins in the grounds

– French press-friendly


– Packaging is not good

– Not a strong brew

Bottom line

Nobody likes coffee jitters, and that is why Bulletproof has made sure that the coffee is tested and free from any toxins. The coffee blend is perfect for the French press as it makes a great cup of coffee.

Stone street coffee 

Stone Street coffee is a perfect choice for brewing some cold coffee using a French press. Stone Street is known as an ethically trading company that has fair trading rules with coffee growing regions. The packaging and roasting process is environmentally-friendly and makes the coffee beans a perfect choice for home brewing.

The coffee beans are Columbian Supremo quality and they are handpicked and hand washed to give complete uniformity to the blend. The roast has darker quality but smoother and sweeter notes, making it perfect for a colder brew.


– Roasted in smaller batches

– 100 percent Columbian Supremo

– Ethically sourced

– Can be used with a French press


– Expensive 

– Only good for cold brews 

Bottom line

For all the cold brew lovers with a French press at home, Stone Street dark roast coffee beans are a perfect choice. It is ethically traded and tested in laboratories for better, uniform roast and quality. 

Death Wish coffee

Are you a strong coffee lover of dark roasts and deeper flavors? Then the Death Wish Coffee is a perfect choice. The coffee is the strongest because it brings together the strongest and boldest coffee blends. The coffee blend is USDA-certified and free from any toxins. 

The coffee gives a strong flavor, but it does not have any acidity or bitter taste to it. The coarse grounds are perfect for French press brewing. The coffee flavor is there alongside some light chocolate and cherry flavors, having a sweet touch. 


– Strongest coffee with no bitterness

– USDA-certified and tested

– Perfect for a cold and hot brew


– Not budget-friendly

– Too dark in taste for some people 

Bottom line

Death Wish coffee is perfect; it is flavorful and strong, but without any hint of bitterness in it. 

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee

The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee beans are one of the best if you like fruity and floral flavors in your coffee. Grown in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia on elevating mountain regions, these Arabica beans are the best in the world. They are handpicked and dried on elevation to have the best aroma in the world.

Each cup of coffee has lavender, strawberry, and chocolaty flavors to it. The acidity of the coffee brew makes the coffee even richer, more aromatic, and deeper. These beans are also perfect for a French press since they help bring out the complex aroma and flavor in a single cup. 


– Wild coffee from elevated mountains

– Handpicked and organically grown

– Fruity and flowery flavors  


– Comparatively expensive

– Too light for some people

Bottom line

This can be easily touted as exotic coffee with rich and aromatic flavors, ranging from floral to fruity. The coffee is handpicked and patio-dried to give the maximum boost after the beans’ medium roasting process. 

Tips on using a French press

When using any appliance or device, you should be careful about the procedure. Not following the steps and not paying attention to the details can lead to bad or unsatisfactory results. A French press and making coffee using one is no different. 

There are certain things that you should keep in mind while using the French press:

  • Weighing: To make French press coffee, it is better to weigh the coffee and water. The coffee and water ratio should be around 1:18 to get a better thickness and richness in the coffee.
  • Coarse grind: In the French press, the grounds get to soak in water for 3-4 minutes, which means they are soaking for long, and that is why using coarse grounds is a better choice. 
  • Dampen the grounds: Pouring hot water immediately over the grounds will not let the CO2 escape, which will make the coffee damp. That is why it is better to dampen the ground for 30 seconds and then pour the rest of the water.
  • Stir: After pouring the water, it is quite normal that the grounds will rise on top of the water. It is better to stir the water and ground combination for 45-60 seconds to help the ground settle. 
  • Perfect 4 minutes: Brewing coffee for less time in a French press will not allow the grounds to release all its oils and flavors. You should brew the coffee for exactly 4 minutes.
  • Extract: After those 4 minutes, drop the plunger and strain the coffee out. If you’re not consuming it right away, it is better to store the coffee in another carafe and not in the press, or it will cause the coffee to get bitter. 

Buying guide for coffee

When it comes to coffee, the variety can boggle your mind. There are hundreds of coffee types, and there are also many coffee beans. Arabica and Robusta are the ones that stand to be highly popular among all. If you plan to buy a French press and want to brew up some nice fresh coffee, then choosing the right coffee type and roast can make a huge difference. 

In general, two things help with picking the right coffee type: the parts and the grind. 

  • Coffee bean roast

Roasting the coffee beans brings out the flavor and aroma. The coffee roasting can be done in many ways, depending on the type of coffee and level of flavor you want to achieve. The beans are roasted until they crack, and they are cooled down immediately to avoid any further roasting. The roasting can go on for a longer time, or the beans can be lightly roasted. 

  • Dark roast: This makes the beans dark brown in color and makes the coffee darker and deeper in taste. It gives a nutty and chocolaty flavor to the coffee, and the beans become oily on its surface. You can use it for a French press, but it works better for espressos. 
  • Medium-dark roast: This is slightly lighter than a dark roast but still has bold and deep flavors. This roast is said to be the best for the French press.
  • Medium roast: This roast gives a slightly darker color to the beans, but not much. The acidity of this roast is more than the medium-dark and dark roast. The sweetness of the coffee beans is pronounced in this roast. These beans are also great for the French press.
  • Light roast: Light roast is the most common roast type for its gentle and aromatic flavors. There is no oiliness on the beans, and the acidity is high. Light roast is not the most suitable roast type for the French press.  
  • The grind of the coffee beans 

The coffee beans’ grind will decide how much seeping and immersing it requires and how fast the aroma can be extracted from it. Since the French press lets the coffee grounds sit for a longer time, the coarsely grounded beans are better used. 

Bottom line

A French press is a great way to make coffee since it allows the grounds to seep for a longer time, allowing more flavors to come out. However, as the French press is all about seeping the grounds in water and then straining them, you should be careful about the beans’ quality and their freshness. From choosing the right blends to the right roast, French press coffee beans should be perfect to offer the right flavor. 

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