5 Best Dark Roast Coffee Reviewed (Buying Guide Included)

Best Dark Roast Coffee

Don’t we all love coffee? For most of us, coffee kick starts our day, and without it, the day isn’t complete. But some of us are missing out on the darker, richer, and bolder flavor coffee profiles. The coffee connoisseurs love a good cup of dark roast coffee; however, most coffee consumers drink light roast coffee. Dark roast coffee is much more intense than light-roasted coffee. Some may even find it bitter, but it is only because you haven’t tried the best of it.

Here in this guide, we present you with the top five dark roast coffees to help you find the best flavor profile and start your journey with the right one. A good quality dark roast coffee has intense flavors and gives a kick. The coffee flavor is smooth and tastes rich. Some dark roast coffees even come with subtle tones of other flavors like chocolate and berries.

Dark Roast Coffee

After comparing and studying many dark-roasted coffees, we have picked out some of the best and highest-rated dark roast coffees that may suit your taste. We have reviewed every coffee in detail to make it easy to compare them on different factors. This guide has provided all information that you’ll need to buy the best dark roast coffee. 

The first question that you may ask is the difference between the different roast coffees. The color of the coffee beans turns from green to brown when roasting them. This process is called roasting coffee. From light to dark roast coffee, the variants are roasted for different periods. The dark roast coffee is roasted for the maximum time. By roasting the coffee, it brings out all of its rich flavors. Roasting it for a longer time gives it a new flavor profile and intensifies the coffee taste. The differently roasted coffee beans can be differentiated by identifying the different textures and colors of the beans. 

Dark roasted coffee beans have a shiny and oily surface and are rich dark brown. The dark roast coffee’s taste has low-acid and a heavy body. It has sweet notes and is rich in taste. 

What sets apart a good quality dark roast from the other varieties? Dark roast coffee needs to be roasted at a certain temperature for a certain time. When it crosses that time limit or the temperature, it becomes an extra dark roast. Now, extra dark roast is not very pleasant in taste. It is now burnt, it has a rubbery taste, and at this stage, it releases a lot of oil, which is not good to consume. 

A good quality dark roast is all about the intense flavors but, most importantly, also about balance. We don’t want you to taste ashy flavors, so instead, we recommend these best five sweet, smooth, and deliciously dark roast coffees to you. 

If you haven’t tried dark roast coffee yet, this is your chance to pick from the best. It’s just possible that you’ll like the intense flavors more than the mild ones from light roast coffee. 

You are here to find the best dark roast coffee, so here’s the top five. 

San Francisco Bay French Roast 


The San Francisco Bay French roast coffee is our top pick because of its authentic rich flavors. As the name suggests, this is a French roast. Coffee beans from Central and South America are blended and roasted until the beans’ oils come to the surface. This gives it a full-bodied flavor. This coffee has a smooth and smoky finish. The coffee pods are compatible with Keurig and are also eco-friendly. The outer bag, pods, and coffee valve are compostable and are made of plant-based materials. 


This dark roast coffee has a smoky finish accompanied with other flavor tones of toasted cinnamon and rich dark chocolate. This combination gives it a full-bodied taste. Each coffee pod weighs 11 grams. Their packaging is compostable, which makes the brand even more enticing. 


  • Wonderful aroma
  • Rich and bold flavors
  • Dark chocolate and cinnamon flavors


  • Issues with new packaging 

Solimo Dark Roast Coffee Pods


This 100 percent Arabica brings all the bold flavors that are promised. It is intense with a hint of sweetness. The coffee is delicious. The coffee pods come in a non-descriptive box. All the pods are separately sealed and packed in recyclable cases. The robust flavors of the blended dark roast coffee are very pleasant to taste. It is one of the stronger coffees with a mildly bitter note. So, if you want to try a stronger dark roast coffee, this is the best choice. This amazing coffee comes at a very affordable price, which makes it a must-try. 


Solimo is an Amazon brand, and you get 100 pods of dark roast coffee with this pack. This aromatic dark roast coffee is a perfect blend, and the coffee beans are selected from Indonesia, Africa, and Latin America. The type of coffee bean is a hundred percent Arabica. The coffee has a punch and a full-bodied taste. The mild acidity gives a smooth finish to suit the palate. These coffee pods are compatible with 2.0 and 1.0 k-cup brewers. 


  • Smooth taste
  • Rich flavors


  • Some people may find the flavor too bold

Peet’s Coffee, Major Dickason’s Blend


Major Dickason’s blend, along with Peet’s coffee, brings out the real richness. It is known for its complex flavors and an incomparable world blend. The one pod of single-serve doesn’t mean single flavor! The coffee packs a kick and is a great way to start your morning. These coffee pods are compatible with Keurig as well. Enjoy the easy brewing and convenience of a delicious cup of coffee every morning. This dark roast coffee offers a smoky, sweet, aromatic, smooth, and full-bodied taste with every cup. 


Each of their coffee products is hand-blended by the masters in the field. Instead of using computers, the advantage of the five senses is used to create the perfect blend. Each of the coffee pods are created with the same care and effort. Each element of the packaging is recyclable and is packed with a lot of care. From beginning to end, the coffee’s quality is maintained. 


  • Incomparable world blend
  • Full-bodied taste
  • Complex flavor notes
  • Signature blend


  • Make sure to buy the original Peet’s and not a knock-off
  • Defective pods in knock-off brands

Victor Allen’s Italian Roast coffee


Each package includes 80 single-serve coffee pods. These pods are compatible with Keurig 2.0 brewers. This dark roast coffee is made with pure Arabica coffee beans and is Italian roasted. The coffee is Kosher certified. The coffee beans are sourced from around 25 countries all over the world. This is to make sure that they have 100 percent pure Arabica coffee beans. This ensures high-quality coffee and rich, bold, and smooth flavors. 


This one is not a mild-flavored coffee. Even for a dark roast coffee, it is much stronger. Being an Italian roast, it has more complex and smoky tones. If you like your coffee bold, then is the perfect fit for you. The 100 percent Arabica coffee beans are roasted right to the brink of getting burnt. This enhances the flavors and brings out the oils from the coffee beans. The coffee is made in Southern Italy style, which justifies its almost bitter and bold flavors. The brand is completely involved in buying, roasting, and packaging the coffee beans. This ensures the quality level to be the best in each step. 


  • Consistent quality
  • Extra dark roast coffee beans
  • Kosher-certified and gluten-free


  • Open seals
  • Defective packaging
  • Coffee grounds in a cup

Starbucks Dark Roast Ground Coffee


The Starbucks dark roast coffee is French roasted for explosive flavors. With changed packaging, the flavors remain the same. You get coffee with a smoky undertone. This allows you to enjoy Starbucks coffee without leaving your house. It is advised to store the coffee in a dark and cold temperature to maintain its aroma and balance. The Starbucks coffee has a 20-ounce bag of ground coffee in each pack. 


If you adore the flavor of dark roast coffee but not necessarily the bitterness, then this is for you. This has a light-bodied taste with a straightforward coffee tone. The low acidity gives a smooth finish. The coffee still has some intense smoky notes. It is made of 100 percent Arabica coffee beans. The coffee beans are picked out of 30 countries from multiple regions of Asia-Pacific and Latin America to maintain purity. This results in a beautiful blend. Even though the beans are the same, being from different regions brings out unique tastes. Each coffee bean is roasted at a particular temperature for a certain period to reach the peak of body, aroma, acidity, and flavor. 


  • Allows multiple brewing options because of the coffee grounds
  • Perfect for espresso
  • Unique flavor profile


  • Packaging issues

Buying Guide

When you’re going to buy coffee, you should know everything about the type of beans and their origin. The taste of coffee beans can differ hugely with the change in geographical locations. Let’s learn more about the different types of coffee beans. 

Types of Coffee Beans

All around the world, coffee beans are available in different varieties, but the two most common coffee beans are Robusta and Arabica. Between these, Arabica is the most common, and it accounts for nearly 70% of all the coffee beans used in the world. It is popular because it successfully maintains a balance in its flavors. Robusta, on the other hand, is slightly stronger in taste than Arabica. Robusta gets its strong flavor because it has more caffeine as compared to Arabica. This also adds a bit more of a bitter taste to it. Robusta is cheaper than Arabica, and when blended, it creates an amazing flavor profile, so you get the best of both worlds. 

Kona is another kind of coffee bean. It gets its name from a district in Hawaii. There are only two places where Kona coffee beans can be sourced, and that is from the slopes of Mauna Loa and Hualapai. Since it is a rare kind of coffee bean, it is expensive. It has a beautiful aroma and a full-bodied taste. If you want to try Kona coffee, always choose a 100% Kona version instead of a blended one. 100% Kona will allow you to taste the exquisite tastes of this coffee bean. 

Just like there are different types of coffee beans, there are variations in roasting as well. Let’s take a look at some of the common roast types. 

Types of Roast

To achieve a dark roast coffee, the coffee beans are roasted for a longer time than other coffee types. The Vienna kind of roasting results in small oil spots on the surface of the coffee beans. This enhances the flavor and texture of the coffee beans. French is one of the most common types of dark roast. The coffee beans have a deep brown color, a bittersweet note, and a natural flavor to them with this type. The French roast type has an exotic touch of anise and rich hints of chocolate and raspberries. 

Italian roast is the maximum roasted coffee bean time. It is roasted to the brink and is stopped just before burning. No doubt, it has some of the strongest flavor notes. The coffee beans are much oilier and darker in color than other types of roast. If you are interested in exploring the bittersweet side of dark roast coffee, you should choose Italian roast. It gets the bitter notes from roasting, and the sweetness comes from the undertones of caramel and chocolate. The roast types don’t necessarily get their names because they were roasted in those places but only because of the method in which they are brewed. 

Freshness Factor

The freshness of the coffee is more vital than what you may think. Coffee beans should be packed immediately after roasting, or else the coffee beans will lose some of their flavors, aroma, and all its freshness. Companies who value good quality will make sure to keep the time gap to a minimum between roasting and packaging. Each bag should be properly sealed to contain all the aromas of the coffee beans. 

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