Top 5 Light Roast Coffee Reviewed – Pros Vs. Cons

light roast coffee

The gods would’ve been so proud of us when we finally discovered the magic that is coffee. Truly, if something has been a constant in human history in the bad and the good, it is coffee. With time, we’ve developed various types of coffee. These types differ based on location, roast, form, etc. But perhaps the most sought-after classification is roasting.


One type is light roast coffee, which is indicative of the roasting process the coffee had undergone before it was packed for sale. The word ‘light’ hints at a shorter roasting duration as opposed to other types of coffee. The short roasting duration is perfect for someone looking for a coffee fix without the presence of an overwhelming coffee flavor.

Now, the presence of a crack on the coffee bean is the best indicator of how long the coffee has been roasted. Upon collection, coffee beans are green, soft, and lack flavor in the center.

You might be thinking, what does roasting have to do with this? Well, roasting is the process that enhances flavor and ensures that it reaches the very core of the coffee bean. It is the source of the elixir that is coffee. When roasting, the coffee beans harden, and a brown tint takes over the green beans. Usually, during the roasting process, depending on how long you roast them, a crack appears in the center. Now, if your coffee beans have been roasted lightly, there will be a barely visible faint crack. This is because to make light roast coffee beans; coffee beans are taken before the first crack’s appearance.

Temperatures are also essential to a coffee variety and are a key determinant of how the coffee will turn out. The general temperature range falls between 180 to 205 degrees Celsius. However, this generalization may vary per brand, variety, location, etc.


Most of the advertisements for coffee beans talk about the substantial presence of caffeine in dark roasts. However, what about the light roasts? 

First, people often think that roasting leads to caffeine loss. This is a misconception many people harbor; however, this is not the case. Caffeine is something inherent to the beans that sustain different degrees of temperatures. 

Second, the caffeine composition is not much different across the various extremes of coffee roasts. The caffeine composition in a dark roast and light roast may match quite well.

What matters is the amount of coffee you use. Even a minor difference in the roasts used can alter the caffeine composition. A pound of the light roast will have fewer coffee beans than a pound of dark roast. This is because of the way roasting affects the coffee beans. Roasting leads to lighter beans or, to be more precise, less dense beans. So, if you roast your coffee beans for a long time, case in point with dark roasts, the coffee beans will become less dense due to water content loss. 

This density loss will also lead to a lighter mass. So, if you evaluate in terms of a scoop, a light roast will hold more caffeine than a dark roast. This is because of the denser composition. The dark roast coffee will, however, offer more caffeine because of the mass decline.

light roast coffee


Caribou Light Roast Coffee Daybreak Morning Blend


If you are looking for flavor, affordability, and convenience in a coffee, then the Caribou Light Roast Coffee is the one for you. For a coffee lover who is looking for a mild yet flavorsome taste, Caribou does a great job. Its rich and fresh taste is long-lasting, and this is why many people and baristas prefer it. 


  1. Aroma: This light roast coffee stands out because of its aroma, giving you a hint of the taste. You will want to get your hands on the coffee as soon as possible.
  2. Coffee preparation process: The best thing about this coffee is how it has been sourced and harvested. Ethical sourcing and sustainable harvesting are two primary reasons why you should buy this coffee. 
  3. Cost: You would think that given the rich flavor, potent aroma, and sustainable harvesting, these beans would cost a lot. However, this is not the case, so this coffee is one of the best light roast coffees.
  4. Taste: Adequate and enhancing fruity flavors characterize the flavor. The fruity flavor does away with the use of sugar at all. It will sit well in your mouth on winter mornings.


  1. An enriching flavor that blends well with other ingredients
  2. Pocket-friendly pricing
  3. Sustainable harvesting process


  1. The flavor may be lacking for some.
  2. Requires larger scoops for enhanced taste

Kicking Horse Hola Light Roast Ground Coffee


When you think of exquisite brews, you cannot help but think of the Kicking Horse Light Roast Coffee. Its flavor and aroma will surely jolt you awake in more ways than one. The best thing about this coffee is its lack of bitterness. Its features elaborate more on this.


  1. Taste: This coffee boasts of excitement and all things pleasurable. The creamy brew almost melts in your mouth, with the flavor lasting long after you taste the coffee. The coffee beans are inherently sweet, which leads to a creamy and sugary brew.
  2. Acidic composition: You will find that this coffee has a considerable acidic content because of red currants.
  3. Eco-friendly preparation: Everything from farming, harvesting, roasting, processing, trading, etc., is done through sustainable means that do not hurt our planet in any way, so that’s why this coffee is on the list of best light roast coffees.


  1. Saccharine taste
  2. Can be used in many forms, such as cold brew, drip coffee, etc.
  3. It does not necessitate excess scoops to have enhanced flavors
  4. High caffeine composition
  5. Caffeine blends well with fruity flavors


  1. Pricing
  2. Acidic content
  3. Fine grounds may not work well for everybody

AmazonFresh Just Bright Whole Bean Light Roast Coffee


Have you been compromising on quality because of price in the past? Well, you don’t have to anymore because Amazon Fresh offers quality for a minimal price without causing a big hole in your pocket. Its price might think that you can have only a bland brew. However, that is false. Its taste and flavor are superior.


  1. Taste and flavor: The light roast coffee beans blend very well and ensure crispiness and creamy flavors in every sip. It is perfect for espresso or cappuccinos, or Americanos since it has a strong caffeine composition. 
  2. Roasting: The roasting process is expertly handled because all arrangements are made to ensure that the aroma is infused in all coffee beans, and equilibrium has been established between the tangy and the sweet.
  3. Value: This coffee pack will last long; therefore, it is worth the money you spend on it. It is pretty inexpensive when you take into consideration the coffee’s quality and quantity. 


  1. Value for money
  2. Taste is powerful and strong, like a medium roast.
  3. Smoky flavor
  4. The enhanced flavor was brought out in a French Press.
  5. Perfect choice for the entire family


  1. Difficulty cleaning the grinding machine 
  2. Greasy beans

Wink Blonde Light Roast Whole Bean Coffee


If you are looking for a light roast that blends into your mouth easily and makes you feel warm and pleasant on a winter morning, then this is the one for you. The equable flavor won’t hit you like a dark roast but has a caffeine content that will surely keep you up for hours.


  1. Flavor: This coffee is a perfect fit for people looking for mild flavors. It won’t overpower the brew and sit perfectly on your tongue. Its silky and glossy body is the ideal fit for espressos or crème brews.
  2. Fruity undertones: The best part about this coffee is the fruity undertones it offers when brewed. Light citrus, milk chocolate, etc., balance the earth and creamy flavor of the coffee.
  3. Value: This is again a value pack for the entire family. It is perfect for you and your family if you prefer buying coffee in bulk. Furthermore, the packaging has been designed to keep the beans fresh for a long time.


  1. Offers brewing variations
  2. Sweet, fruity undertones that blend well with the earthiness of the coffee
  3. Strong caffeine content
  4. Value for money


  1. The caffeinated beverage may cause a jittery feeling
  2. Packaging fails to mention the roasting date.

Copper Moon Guatemalan Antigua Blend Whole Bean Coffee


This coffee is a blessing on earth. If you are adventurous and loves trying new coffee varieties, then this is for you. This Sumatran light roast coffee will hit differently than a normal coffee from a barista or a grocery store.


  1. Roasting: While roasting, small batches are taken. This ensures flavor infusion to the very core. 
  2. Flavor: It has a gentle, crispy, and soothing flavor that is mild yet lasting. Earthy and nutty characterize the taste. It gives off hints of smokiness in every sip, thereby enhancing the taste overall.
  3. Brews: It is good for hot as well as cold beverages.
  4. Acidic composition: This coffee will be calm for your digestive system because of its mild acidic undertones. 


  1. Fruity undertones do not overpower the coffee’s nutty and earthy flavor. 
  2. The smoky yet creamy taste
  3. Light acidic content 
  4. Offers brewing variation
  5. Perfect for someone who wants to shift from dark roast to light roast
  6. Value for money
  7. Handy packaging


  1. The flavor might be overwhelming for some.
  2. Does not taste as good when brewed as an espresso 


Making a buying decision can be a difficult task, especially in the case of food and beverages. However, we are here to help you. To help you make your decision, let’s take a look at the following factors:


The first thing that you need to know is what type of coffee you want. It is essential to know the flavors you want in your brew. However, if you are new to coffee, there is no need to worry.

If you are very particular about coffee and its flavors, choose either the Wink Blonde Light Roast Whole Bean Coffee or the Copper Moon Guatemalan Antigua Blend Whole Bean Coffee. 

However, if you are very busy and want something that does not require much time, then the Amazon Fresh Just Bright Whole Bean Light Roast Coffee or the Caribou Light Roast Coffee Daybreak Morning Blend will work well for you. You will have perfect brews without having to follow a step-to-step coffee-making guide.


The flavor is another important consideration when choosing what to purchase. Decide if you want fruity undertones, light citrus undertones, milk chocolate undertones, or a blend of all of them.


Another important consideration can be the origin. For instance, if you are looking for Sumatran coffee beans, you’ll choose the Copper Moon Guatemalan Antigua Blend Whole Bean.

You may still have some questions, but continue reading before making your final decision.


You need a good light roast coffee for espresso so that the taste is comparable with that of a dark or medium roast. The Wink Blonde Light Roast Whole Bean Coffee and the Kicking Horse Hola Light Roast Ground Coffee are good choices if you plan on making espressos. They have a powerful flavor that the fruity undertones do not overpower.


The dark roast coffee undergoes roasting under a temperature range that exceeds 232 degrees Celsius. A glossy tint and polished body characterize its appearance. This is because of the oils that are brought out from the bean’s core. The oils coat the body at the end that gives a shiny and glossy body. This is also why its popularity among people and baristas alike is soaring. It has a lower caffeine composition as opposed to a light roast. However, the flavor is more enriched, and you might feel that the coffee is bitter.

Using dark roast coffee might lead to a more consistent and wholesome taste. However, the taste might be overwhelming for some since it is more bitter. So, depending on your preferences regarding taste, flavor, and consistency, you may choose light roast or dark roast.

On the other end of the spectrum lies the light roast coffee beans roasted in a temperature range of 180 degrees Celsius to 250 degrees Celsius. They have high caffeine composition, an acidic nature, and lack oils of any kind. This does not affect the coffee’s flavor. Coffee made of light roast coffee beans is still flavorsome, and the taste lasts on your tongue for a long time. 

It is a popular choice of many people, especially those who prefer a mild and natural flavor that does not overwhelm but rather improves the other ingredients’ palatability. However, its acidic composition can create problems if you consume an excessive amount of coffee daily. Upset stomachs, indigestion, etc., are common symptoms when excess is consumed. 

However, this depends on the amount you use and consume. Light roast coffee will surely shock you with the amazing flavors and aromatic brews they produce. It is a game-changer.

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